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Passion and expertise in every bar of chocolate

The desire for our chocolate is growing every day thanks to centuries of expertise and experience, which has also helped us to experiment with new production techniques. In order to preserve each unique aroma of the cocoa itself, we regulate the processes, add all of our expertise, and manufacture chocolate from the cocoa bean.

Explore our collections of distinctive origins, including our Aromatic cocoas from Madagascar, Nicaragua, Uganda, and Peru, as well as our collections of Ghana and Ecuador, as well as our classic bars wrapped in the company’s historical and modernist posters.

Chocolate is enjoyed. Valrhona chocolate is experienced.

      The top chocolatiers have mastered the skill of tasting chocolate to create, assess, and taste excellent chocolates.
Also, the sensation of tasting Valrhona chocolate is unique, powerful, and private. Take your time, pay attention, and explore the intricacy of the chocolate to really experience the enjoyment as it builds. Although you can see it gleam, feel it’s texture, and hear it crunch, the experience doesn’t really start until you put it in your mouth.

The Art of Tasting can be broken down into four stages,

All of those are required to fully appreciate a Valrhona chocolate’s richness and complexity as well as to unlock its fragrant potential.
First, take a look at the chocolate. Pay close attention to the color, sheen, and especially the polish. The colors might be anything from pure mahoganies to deep, dark browns to milky beige. It is a crucial element that identifies the types of cocoa beans utilized.
Next, take a deep breath and let the fragrances of the chocolate flood your entire being.
Hearing: To hear, snap a square into pieces between your fingers and pay attention to the sound it makes.
Taste: To get a sense of the initial flavors, scents, and consistency, bite into a quarter of a chocolate square and let it melt on your tongue.


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